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News from the Moble Garden

March 22, 2019
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It always astonishes me how impulsive some of my gardening projects are; I say projects with some reservation as that would imply some sort of planning, which does not sit well with the impulsive nature of my latest exertions.

Walking up to the garden shed last week, something I do several times a day, I was suddenly floored by how awful the big garden bed backing onto the old vegetable garden looked. This would be Old Vegetable Garden Version 4.0 (OVG4.0) as we continue to search for morning sun and no root competition for the tomatoes. How I had not  noticed this eyesore earlier astonished me and why hadn’t my Mother, on her last visit mentioned, as she is known to do, “Darling you really have to do something with OVG 4.0, it is too dreary for words.” (I like to imagine she was too captivated by my Highgrove Robin thoughtfully displayed on a post to notice but am not sure how well that sits with her either).

Regardless, the old bean trellis covered in flagging Snake beans and Morning Glory stood as a testament to sheer neglect, sheltering an underplanting of undesirables and smothering the hedge of Bloomfield Abundance roses. A couple of asparagus plants bravely held their ground, but the passionfruit vine had fallen victim to a January spent exclusion fencing (alas poor passionfruit, I know how you felt) and closer inspection revealed that I had been assiduously watering a swathe of dead and dying miscellaneous without too much care it seems.

Naturally, it had to go. The old fence, which yesterday seemed charmingly rustic, was now no more than a rabbit relic and the bean trellis, though still in perfect order, simply could not stay. So, Saturday morning saw Mr. Marvellous and me fencing again but on a domestic scale this time. In no time at all, we had pulled down the rabbit fence with only shades of Banjo’s “Language uninviting…” as he battled with Bloomfield and Bloomfield won. Posts pulled out, trellis shifted to New Vegetable Garden, weeds dug out, enough to fill a small trailer. Roses pruned and the entire bed mulched with thanks once again to our dear afore mentioned horses who are valiantly eating their way through a small fortune.

After a solid morning, we stood back to see what was revealed: with the orchard behind the rose hedge now visible, the stone fruit trees are adding depth and interest. This will be even better when they are flowering in Spring and very soon in their Autumn gowns;

the asparagus bed has been dug over and extended and awaits winter planting and a row of tomatoes and basil will present some culinary treats going into the cooler months. The bean trellis requires a little more peacock-proofing and will be planted up with peas in April, all very satisfying and makes the frequent walk to the garden shed pleasurable once more. Though I did notice this morning whilst straightening the little red robin that the rosemary hedge around the rose bed is hideous and the state of the roses…

Happy gardening,

Moble Gardener.