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The Straw Bale Hut

This is not a story about three little pigs, nor is there a wolf at the door.

This is the story about a small girl perusing a book on building straw bale houses and casually asking her mother to build her one. And so she did.

The Straw Bale Hut emerged over time and now sits comfortably in the garden overlooking the creek. It is a room like no other with round corners, crooked walls and a great king size bed. There is a unique bathroom next door designed by Brian after a winter of many guests and no hot water left for his shower- true bush ingenuity where you can stargaze while you wash.

Relax and spot the water rats frolicking along the banks of the creek from your verandah and be embraced by the comfort of those thick bale walls at night, just like that little girl did for many years before she left to conquer the world…but that is another fairy tale altogether.