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About Us

Brian Rutledge

Brian is a fourth generation pastoralist with a deep love and respect for this inland country.

Flying since he was sixteen, he has a wealth of knowledge of this area. For the last twenty years, he has combined his practical engineering skills with his artistic flare to create intrinsically beautiful ironwork pieces. Brian is the very proud father of four daughters.

Kylie Rutledge

Kylie loves her garden, her animals and her family and dabbles in many creative interests depending on the season.

She enjoys nothing more than gathering great company around the table and sharing a meal.

The Rutledge Family

The Rutledge family settled in the Quilpie district in 1914 and it has remained their home for five generations.

Moble is dissected by the Moble Creek, first recorded in Mary Durack’s famed Kings in Grass Castles and traces of the Durack Costello Camp is still evident on the Moble Creek to this day.

Moble was secured by the Rutledge Brothers on their return from The Great War and is a sheep and cattle property situated south west of Quilpie. Moble affords a range of landscapes to inspire the artist and enthral the bird watcher alike, including serene waterholes along its many creek systems and the rugged beauty of the Grey Range. The homestead and garden are home to the current generation, Brian and Kylie and their four daughters. Like generations before them, the children grew up with TU Creek as their playground, before heading off to school and all corners of the world.

The Rutledge family are proud wool producers and keen environmentalists, passionate about their country and its sustainability. Brian has been a pilot for many years and after a forced retirement of his beloved RDP has recently embraced a drone. Whilst we are all enjoying the amazing photographs, it is not quite like flying and the airstrip remains ready for any fly-in visitors.

A shared interest in great seasonal food and good company has been our inspiration to open the doors and create the Moble Homestead experience.

Join us on our creek and enjoy the unique charm of this bush home and its surrounds.

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